Hello, and thanks for visiting my site!!

I'm Bradford Schlapak and I am a clockmaker living in
Grafton, MA now since 1998. I am not the first in my family to
be attracted to the'
lore of clocks'; my Great Grandfather was a
clockmaker for Gilbert Clock Company back in the early 20th
Century while my Grandfather, an expert in all things
mechanical, spent the later years of his life developing
horological interests....clocks filled his house.

While my own love of clocks goes well back to my childhood, I
was quickly drawn into the field of serious horology several
years ago when I finished making my electric guitar (see
Projects) and pondered my next project. I decided to make a
reproduction Grandfather Clock, which would quickly turn
into a 24 hour a day obsession for many years.

But throughout all of this came an intimate knowledge of clock
repair and restoration which is now the core of my business.
Located right off of Historic Grafton Common I specialize in the
repair and restoration of all types of antique clocks. Whether it
be Grandfather, Shelf, Wall, brass, wood, marble, onyx,
pendulum, balance, torsion, banjo, American, French, German,
Japanese, Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Waterbury, and yes - even
Gilbert Clocks (how's that for a full circle!), I will set your
cherished heirlooms right with the highest level of service and
a full guarantee.
Clock Repair and Restoration Services for Grafton,
Westborough, Millbury, Upton, Northbridge,
Northborough, Worcester, Shrewsbury, Southborough,
Boylston and all of Central Massachusetts
By Appointment Please

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