September 2011
Ithaca Calendar Clock
A Monthly Sample of Clock Repair Projects
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Collectors love these double dial Ithaca Calendar clocks: and we
shall see why.....

                      But first.......

I have a very soft spot in my heart for Ithaca, NY (though
certainly more romantic than otherwise - truth is, I've never
actually been there). In my office stands
My Grandparents
Ithaca Grandfather Clock >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
one of the Ithaca Clock Co's last ventures before going out of
business around 1920 - a
spring-driven, paper dial grandfather
clock (no calendar function). There are lots of these about. And,
from what I've learned, in the first half of the 20th century they
could be purchased through department stores with
Ye Olde
S&H Green Stamps......
$$ Value: - to me.......................Priceless!!!!


Now, back to this month's subject:....we're going back......
                            to 1875

I'm a New Englander, with modest means, looking for a device to
not only tell me what month I'm in, but the day, day of week, hour
and minute of day and -  in some cases - adjustments for leap
year....Tall orders for this period!!!
It is true that this was not the first clock to combine all of these
features, but the Ithaca was the first
mass-produced calendar
clock: a relatively complex machine that the common man could
own! It must have been cool to bring this baby home and set it
running on the shelf.....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I take that back - It STILL must be cool to bring this baby home
and set it running on the shelf!!!!
My Grandparent's Ithaca Grandfather Clock
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