June 2011
A Cuckoo with Quarter
A Monthly Sample of Clock Repair Projects
When the mere half hour & hour cuckoos do not satisfy..........

   Meet the Cuckoo with Quarter Quail Clock!!!!!!!!!!!!    These
rarer models have
2 doors above the dial instead of 1>>>>
The quarter quail typically pops out of the left hand door to
announce every quarter hour through 1 bellow followed by a
smack on the gong, which in this case goes:  
1st quarter:  koo---koo-koo (gong)
2nd quarter:  koo---koo-koo (gong)--koo---koo-koo (gong)
(at which point the cuckoo train is tripped giving the following
2-bellow call for the half hour):        KOO-koo (

Our quail has an almost
calypso/soca beat which makes me think
of Dexy's
"Come on Eileen" or Blondie's "The Tide is High"

This particular movement is stamped "Forestville Clock Company"
and "Germany". Originally, there was a Forestville Clock Company
from Connecticut in the mid 1800's which was (not long after)
bought out by EN Welch.

There was also, however, a Canadian/American company of the
same name which appeared post-WWII which imported German
movements for various types of clocks, from which this clock most
certainly seems to have come from.
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