Kienzle Wall Clock
Repair & Case
A Monthly Sample of Clock Repair Projects
The shipping company will not be receiving a Christmas card
from the owners!!!!! You can see the devastation that was
inflicted on this poor soul>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Apparently it's crate was given a sharp kidney punch by a
forklift while enroute to its new home.  

This is (or
, was) a beautiful Kienzle German Wall Clock circa
1900 in the
'Regulator' style. It is not a true Regulator...........so,
how does one tell if their clock is a true Regulator? Well, the
first thing to understand is that the Regulator Clock's primary
purpose was to show the most consistently accurate time
possible (designed in the late 1700's, the term 'Regulator'
meant that the clock was
so accurate that it could be used as a
benchmark for all other timekeepers). In these clocks all
potential points of power loss were eliminated as a 'trade-off' for
excellent timekeeping.
FIRST and foremost: the clock must be
weight driven. Whereas a clock powered by a mainspring (which
this clock has) loses power as the spring unwinds ('
clocks notwithstanding - but that will be another month's article)
resulting in large timekeeping variances; a weight holds a
consistent level of power from beginning to end because it is
given the power to energize via gravity.

SECOND: the escapement cannot be a 'recoil' escapement
(which this clock has). The recoil (although tough as nails)
wallows in power variances. Regulator's generally have
'deadbeat' escapements which are far more efficient and
experience far less power loss.

Getting back to our subject, though, there was a lot of work to
be done. Consider the movement: it is difficult to imagine what
could have taken place at the moment of the accident.
Fortunately, the worst damage I found was a bent warning
wheel and a mangled suspension spring; miraculously, the
movement was relatively unharmed.
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